I Want To Be A Barnabas

When the church got up and running in the book of Acts, they were zealous and on fire for the Lord. We can see their love for God as they boldly and gladly shared the good news of salvtion by faith in Jesus the Christ. We also see it in their love for each other.

In Acts chapters 2 and 4 we especially see their love for one another. Many were selling what they could of their own possessions to help take care of the needs of those who were poor and struggling in the church. One person in particular stands out to me. He is an example of love and faith that I want to follow. His love for God and for the brethren is well known by what is said of him at the end of Acts chapter 4. We know him most by the name Barnabas. He was one specifically mentioned because of his good work of selling his land in order to help his needy brothers and sisters in Christ. 

What’s really cool is that Baranabs was not his real name. His name was actually Joseph. So where did the name Barnabas come from? Barnabas was actually a “nickname” given to him by the apostles. It was a name that meant ‘son of encouragment.’ Think about that for a moment. Here is a guy in the church who is serving like many others but he receives a special note about who he was and what he did. Apparently Joseph was such a loving, caring, and helpful brother in Christ that the apostles gave him a significant name. In their eyes he was a very encouraging follower of Christ. So they named him Barnabas. Isn’t that awesome that the apostles gave him this name? That would be one of the highest honors in my book. 

I am thankful that we have his example shared with us. When I look at Barnabas, I can’t help but want to be like him. I want to be a child of God who is a ‘son of encouragement.’ I want to serve as he did. I want to love my fellow Christians and be a support to them. I want to be a servant of the Lord. Don’t you want to be that too? We need many more folks like Barnabas. We all need a Barnabas. We all can be a Barnabas. We may not all have the same abilities, but we can all be encouraging to others in our own special way. Let’s each find our own way of encougement. God saved us in Jesus for the purpose of being zealous for good works [Titus 2:14]. Paul tells us in Ephesians 2:10 that we have been created in Christ Jesus for the purpose of being active in good works. Let’s do that. Lets be zealous and on fire for the Lord. Let’s all work to be a Barnabas. Let’s do it all to the glory of God. Are you a Barnabas? 

To God be the glory, great things He has done!


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