I Am A Disciple of Jesus

The word ‘disciple’ is not commonly used in our vocabulary today. But the idea and meaning we understand very well. To be a disciple is to be a diligent student of a teacher. Learning everything they know and going so far as to become just like them. To be a disciple of someone we must show ourselves to be exactly as they are. 
We are called by God to be disciples of Jesus. Students of the Teacher. Workers for the Master. Imitators of our Savior. We are first to show God that we are Jesus’  disciples. But then we are to show everyone around us. Exactly like Peter and John in Acts 4:13. When the Jewish leaders saw their boldness and knowledge, they were astonished and recognized that Peter and John had been with Jesus. So along with boldness and knowledge, how do we show folks that we are disciples of Jesus? Remember these 3 following signs:

1) Live By His Word

In John 8:31, Jesus said that if I am going to truly be His disciple then I will abide in His word. I will listen to what He says, learn what it means, and then obey what He has told me. How can I be a student or follower of Christ if I don’t listen to Him? Live in His word, follow His commandments, and apply His answers to this life. 

2) Love As He Loves

In John 13:35, after Jesus had washed the disciples’ feet and talked of His coming crucifixion, He gave the disciples a,”New commandment.” He told them and us to love one another just as He loved us. He went on to say that the way people will know that we are His disciples is by our loving each other. When people see how we treat one another in love, concern, servitude and forgiveness they will know that we’re following Jesus. 

3) Live In Righteousness

Jesus said in John 15:8 that we prove we are His disciples when we bear the fruits of godliness. He is righteous and if we are His disciples then we will live righteous lives. We will be tested by sin. So we have to prove we are His disciples. When people see our godly conduct they will know that we are like Jesus. 

The question then is: Do I look like Jesus? Do I look like I am following Jesus? Am I truly proving myself to be one of His disciples? Listen. Learn. Follow. 


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