David’s 5 Stones

David, son of Jesse, was the youngest and smallest compared to his brothers. But David was the one who became famous in 1 Samuel 17. Here we find the time that Goliath, a huge man of the Philistines, came to fight against the Israelites. He was a champion of a man and wanted to fight Israel’s biggest and best. But even though Goliath taunted them and defied their army, the men of Israel were really afraid. Nobody wanted to fight that crazy guy. However, David, the youngest and smallest, got mad at Goliath and even at the men of Israel. David wanted to fight him. David wanted to kill him. David was not afraid. He knew that God was on his side. God would give the victory. God had helped David protect his sheep. David trusted God. So David took his staff and got five stones from the brook to use in his slingshot. We see that David bravely approached Goliath. He reached in his bag, took a stone, and nailed him right in the forehead. We’re told the stone sunk into his forehead. And the part we leave out of the children’s song is that David took Goliath’s sword and cut off his head. David beat that big bully with a simple sling and only one stone. How cool is it that David knocked him out on his first attempt?!  Very. God gave David the victory! David credited God in all he had done.

We know the story. We know what happened. We know the outcome. But here’s something we may not always consider. If David trusted God and could kill Goliath with one stone, why did he get five stones from the brook? God could certainly give David victory with only one. God could have even let David do Kung-Fu and beat him with his staff. But David picked up five stones. Why? Was it a lack of faith? Did he not really trust God? Was he planning on doing it his way? The answer we can gather from this story as well as the rest of Scripture. David picked up five stones because he didn’t know how it was going to happen or when God was going to give him victory.

David did trust God. David did have faith in God. But even though he knew God would help him, he also knew that he had to do his part. Would the story be any different if it took David two stones? How about all five? What if David used all five and then had to run to the brook to get more? Does that mean that God wasn’t giving him the victory? Would that have meant that David lacked true faith? I answer that with NO. The simple truth is that God has promised to help us, guide us, and use us. But how and when we do not know. All we can do is use the resources around us that God has given us and do what we have to do until God decides to give us victory. In His time. By His will. However He chooses to do it.

God has promised to give us the way to overcome temptation. God has promised to help us endure trials. We can pray to Him for help and wisdom. We can have faith and trust in His Word. But how is God going to accomplish that? How long will He let us fight against it until we finally overcome? What if it takes longer than we expect? If we pray for something more than once, does that mean we lack faith? Just because we may use a variety of resources and may try, try, try does not mean we lack faith. It means that we will do our part. God hasn’t promised to let us sit back and do nothing to deliver ourselves. We need to pick up five stones. We may only use one. We may use four. We may have to switch to a different weapon all together. But we trust that at the right time God will deliver us.

David was full of faith. As David picked up every single one of those stones he was thinking of God, trusting God, serving God. We need to think of God, trust God, and know that we will serve the Lord and let Him bless the work of our hands in His good time. Find your stones. Use your stones. Keep fighting until God gives the victory.


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