Let Love Be…

One of the most talked about subjects in God’s Word is that of love. And for good reason. Everything about this life and life eternal hinges on love; love for God and love for others. We are to love God with all our heart and we are to love others as ourselves (Matthew 22:37-40).

Love for God and for one another has to be real. Paul said in Romans 12:9a that we are to “Let love be genuine…” or ‘without hypocrisy.’ We have to really mean that we love and be sincere in our love. We cannot just go through the motions. We can’t pretend that we love if we really don’t love.

Our love for God must be genuine. If it is it will show in the way we live and conduct ourselves. If we really love God then we will want to worship Him and do all that is pleasing to Him. We will not simply make worship a routine and check off a ‘to do’ list. Our worship will be filled with heart and praise for our great God. We will live holy and godly lives. Our love for God will be the deciding factor in all of our decisions in life. God knows if our love is genuine.

Our love for others has to be genuine. It is not enough to say that we love each other. That’s easy. It is easy to put up a front so that people think that we love them. Paul says that it’s got to be real love. Our love for each other will be seen in how we treat one another. Again, we cannot just go through the motions saying that we love each other. We have to mean what we say and show our love by our good works toward one another. Folks will know if we really love them or not. God will know if our love for each other is genuine.

So as we go through the day today, what kind of love are we going to have? Genuine? or Fake? Let your love be genuine today. Make sure it comes from a sincere heart. Use your love to God’s glory. Don’t just say that you love, show that you love.


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