A Good Competition

If you’ve lived on this earth long enough and if you’ve read the Bible long enough, then I’m sure you know by now that all of our lives are spent dealing with other people. 98.76% of the things we do involve interaction with other people. Since that is the case, we have to know how we ought to deal with one another. Otherwise, this life is pretty miserable. Not to mention that if we don’t learn to do relationships right then God calls that sin and sin leads to eternal punishment. None of us want that.

God has pointed out to us what we can clearly see. God’s Word tells us exactly how we humans tend to be: selfish, arrogant, hateful, vengeful, disrespectful, greedy, selfish, jealous, proud, inconsiderate, selfish, angry, selfish, selfish, selfish. All of this God calls sinful. God has shown us the way He wants us to be: unselfish, humble, gentle, kind, loving, caring, serving, giving, peaceful, forgiving, unselfish, respectful, thankful, content, considerate, unselfish, compassionate, unselfish. If you’re like me, then you’ve got your work cut out getting rid of the bad and pouring in the good. But God has told us how He wants us to be towards one another. As a matter of fact, look for all of the places in Scripture that say something about “one another.” There are a bunch!

It’s pretty important we listen to God and do things the way He has told us to. So, let’s be mindful of what Paul wrote in Romans 12:10b. The NKJV translates it as: “in honor giving preference to one another.” Paul says that we are to honor each other. Respect each other. Even prefer each other. That means putting other people’s interests and needs above my own. Unselfish. It should be that I’d rather honor and respect someone than get my own selfish and uncaring way. When we look at each other we have to see that others are just as important, if not more important than ourselves.

I actually like the way the ESV puts this verse better. It reads: “Outdo one another in showing honor.” There you have it folks. It’s a competition. The best competition there is. Let’s see who can outdo the other person. I’m gonna try to outdo you showing honor to me. However you honor me, I’m gonna do more. Then you try to outdo me. Then I’m gonna outdo you. Then…. Wouldn’t that be a great world to live in if we all were trying to outdo one another in showing honor. No selfishness. Simply loving one another and trying to serve. It’s no wonder Jesus and Paul said that love fixes everything. It is the fulfillment of every law and command of God. If we will just love one another and seek to outdo one another in showing honor then all our relationship problems would disappear.

I challenge you beginning now. Let’s outdo one another in showing honor. I’m gonna try to beat you. You try to beat me. Let’s try to beat everyone. All the while, let’s watch love and joy grow in our lives and in the lives of others. God bless.


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