3 For The Road

It’s Friday! The weekend is here. How did your week go? I hope it went really well. But sometimes we don’t have such good weeks. Some days are just hard. We get tired. But we keep going. How we keep going is the important thing.

Here are 3 keys to making it through everyday of life’s long road: (Romans 12:12)

  1. Rejoice In Hope – Paul reminds us that if we are in Christ we have hope! Hope of eternal life. Hope of comfort and peace. Because of our hope we can enjoy peace, comfort, and joy. We have hope that no matter what happens in our day, God loves us and will help us. God knows. He cares. He listens. We have hope that after life’s long journey we will be at home with God. That is something to rejoice about! As you go through the day remember hope. Then smile. Laugh at the frustrations of life. Be encouraged. Be renewed in heart. Feel the comfort of God. We have hope as an anchor of the soul. Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say rejoice.
  2. Be Patient In Tribulation – Some days are just plain hard. We have trials and pains in this world. It is easy to be afraid, anxious, and sorrowful. It doesn’t take much to fret and be uncertain of the future. But God tells us to be still. He lets us know He is near. God has promised to be with us through those difficult times. We have to be patient. We have to know that these hardships won’t last forever. Think of the hope that we just talked about. Patiently waiting on the Lord. Trusting Him. In His time. As He sees fit to give. Patience is not easy. But it gets easier the closer we are to God. Patiently waiting for the hope set before us.
  3. Be Constant In Prayer – Paul said that we are to pray without stopping. Pray, pray, pray. Why? Because prayer is talking with God. Relying on God. Knowing God is near. God hears our prayers. We are to be anxious in nothing but instead take our cares to the Lord in prayer. Asking for His guidance, wisdom, strength, comfort, and love as we go from day to day. And in our asking God for help, we also need to be thanking God for who He is, what He has done, and what He continues to do. The more we pray with God the closer we are to Him. The closer we are to God the more patient we can be. The more patient we can be the more hope we will enjoy. Don’t stop talking with God. Talk with God more and more.

Today, this weekend, next week remember to rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, and be constant in prayer. That is how we will make it through any and every day. Good or bad. So how is your next week going to be? Let’s be ready with joy, patience, and prayer.


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