Satan Works For Sears

Shortly after we moved to Alabama, my wife and I had to buy a new washer and dryer. We didn’t have money to outright pay for it so we ended up getting a Sears credit card so that we could pay it off over time. It took some time but we finally got it paid off. The balance on the credit card was 0.00. I tucked the card away and after 7 years we have not used it once. It was done. Over. No more. We don’t want to charge anything on it again and get ourselves into anymore debt. However, Sears ain’t to fond of that. Of course a business like Sears wants us to keep charging and spending so that they can make more and more money. Brittany and I don’t want to spend more and more money. So, in the past 7 years Sears has been “reaching out” to us. It has really ramped up the past few years. Sears is constantly sending us different kinds of mail. They are sending me emails. They are constantly offering me deals and reminding me that I am missing out. One that I get a kick out of the most is I got an email one day that said “We miss you.” I know they miss me. They miss my money. It is very annoying and amusing how bad they are trying to get me back in there to spend money.

Satan must have gotten the same training. Don’t ya think? When we repent of our sins we turn away from them. We give up our sins. We don’t live in sin anymore. We aren’t following Satan anymore. And boy he doesn’t like that. He wants us back. He misses us. He misses our sinning. Satan is trying everything he can to draw us back into sin. He is sending us all kind of messages through the temptations of this world. But we can’t listen to him. He is going to show us all the pleasures we’re “missing out” on. He’s gonna be friendly to us. He’s going to keep inviting us to get back with him. But we have to resist him! We have to shut the door in his face. We have to hang up on him. We have to delete his emails. We have to trash his letters. We have to cut off all communications with Satan. We can’t leave him any opportunity.

Satan will keep coming seeking an opportune time. He will offer us all kinds of deals. Tell him to shut up and leave you alone. Tell Satan to get lost. Listen to God’s voice instead. Enjoy God’s blessings of salvation. Be in constant communication with the Lord. Talk often with Jesus. Never give in to Satan. Don’t follow him anywhere. Stay with God. Stay close. Stay forever.


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