“I Will…”

“I will…” Two powerful words. These two words are the start to all of our commitments. These two words keep us accountable. Those two words are so very important. “I will keep my room clean.” “I will stay off of sugar.” “I will speak kindly to my spouse.” “I will play more with my kids.” “I will do my homework.” “I will read my Bible daily.” “I will not sin.” “I will be faithful.” Easy to say. How easy to do? We commit to things all day long. Small things. Big things. Silly things. Serious things. But how are we at keeping with those things?

The most important commitment we make is when we tell God that we will sin no more and we will live for Him. It’s easy to say. It’s easy to tell God that. But then how are we at actually sticking with it? I am often reminded of Israel. Over and over God explained His law to them. Over and Over the people said they would obey and do it. Over and over they turned from God and did their own thing. But over and over again God was merciful.

Over and over again I am reminded of my relationship with God. How many times to I tell God “I will…” but then I don’t? I shake my head at Israel a lot. But then I shake my head at me a lot. But over and over again God is merciful. Thanks be to God! He is patient. Loving. Forgiving. Steadfast in love. I am thankful for that. I WILL always praise God for His amazing grace.

Let’s live up to our commitments. Let’s not just talk the talk but let’s walk the walk. Give God your all. Give God your best. Give God your “I will…” and do it.


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