Does The Next Generation Know?

I was studying the book of Judges this morning and came across a familiar, yet very startling sentence: “And there arose another generation after them who did not know the LORD or the work that He had done for Israel” (Judges 2:10). After all God had done for Israel, after all God commanded and did to remind them, after all Moses instructed Israel to do so that they would not forget…….a generation arose that had no idea.

The burning question is: How did that happen? It happened because Israel failed to obey God’s command and Moses’ instructions. In Deuteronomy, Moses gave the command of God that the older generation of parents were to make sure that they taught their children everything about God and all that He had done for them. Somewhere along the line that obviously stopped happening. The parents didn’t make sure that their children knew God. And because they didn’t know God, sin reigned.

Why didn’t the parents teach their kids? Moses said that they were to talk about God and His laws morning, noon, night, and everywhere in between. Maybe they were too focused on the fighting. Maybe they were busy planning how to use their soon to be land. Maybe they were too busy with all the fighting and planning that they really didn’t have time for their kids. Maybe the horses needed tended to, the swords sharpened, clothes washed, food cooked, strategies to be planned and they just didn’t make time to talk with their kids about God. I’m sure they were busy, but maybe when they did have opportunities with their kids they just forgot to mention God a time or two. They didn’t have time to explain why they were traveling, fighting, planning, etc. Whatever the excuse, their kids’ generation didn’t know God. How very sad. How very shameful.

We need to learn from their poor example. It applies to us just as much as it did to them. Parents, ya gotta teach your children. You have to tell them the stories. You have to explain to them why you live the godly life you do. You have to show them what an awesome God we serve. You have to show them the cross and a risen Savior who loves us so very much. You need to make them aware of Satan and the sins of the world. You have to teach them, train them, guide them. They aren’t just accidentally going to know it all when they get a certain age. Moses even said to Israel that the parents have to teach the kids about God and what He’s done because the kids weren’t there! They didn’t see or hear anything! They have to be taught.

Do you teach your kids about animals? How about counting? Or ABC’s? How about history? Do you help them with their school work? Do you help them with their fascination of Power Rangers? Sports? Money? Parents are plenty helpful when it comes to any of these things. But how good are we at teaching our kids that God made those animals? That God gave us the brains, hands, and fingers to count and write with? That throughout man’s history God has always reigned supreme? That Bible study is more important than school work? That God is way more powerful than the Power Rangers? That sports are fun but worship, which is more important, is fun too? That treasures in Heaven are far more valuable?

Children are a gift from God. Precious souls that He has created. Beautiful souls that God has let us borrow and mold into men and women. Children whom God has given us to give back to Him. Children are God’s creation. How sad if He gives them to us but they never know Him because they never spent time with Him. Parents, it’s up to you. Find time, make time daily to show God to your children. Raise them up to know Him their whole life. They don’t know. They won’t know unless we teach them. Do it on purpose. Make it priority number one. Don’t let the cares of life sweep your children away. Love them. Love God. Give your children to God. Don’t let it be said of them that they don’t know God. Please.


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