What Jesus Did For Us

Remember what Jesus did for us:

Jesus left His home in Heaven with God…so that we could be at home in Heaven with God.

Jesus was born in mortal flesh…so that we could be born anew spiritually.

Jesus was tempted and suffered…so that we could be free and comforted.

Jesus was mocked, humiliated, hated, beaten, and scorned…so that we could be blessed and exalted by God.

Jesus died a most horrible death…so that you and I could live eternally.

Jesus bore our sins…so that we could be forgiven.

Jesus became poor…so that we could become rich.


Jesus was raised from the dead…so that we can be raised from the dead.

Remember what Jesus did for us. Let’s not take it lightly. Jesus gave all for us. What have we given to Him? Thanks be to God for His inexpressible gift! Thanks be to Jesus for His wonderful love! Praise God. Thank God. Love God. Be God’s.


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