Enjoy Sunsets & Sunrises

What do you see when you look at a sunset or a sunrise? What comes to mind? Do you even notice them? Do they impact you in any way? If not, then take the time to enjoy the next one.

When I see a sunset or a sunrise, I see:

BEAUTY. God’s beauty. When you actually stop and think about it, everything God has created and how life itself works is beautiful. Happiness. Joy. Uplifting. How great it is to enjoy those wonderful colors. The art of God’s creation. Beautiful. How great it is to enjoy the blessings of love and accomplishment in this life.

POWER. God’s power. God created those sunsets and sunrises. He’s the one who holds it all together. He’s the one who gave us those beautiful colors. I am blown away by the awesomeness of it, of Him! There is beauty in God’s creation. There is power. Our God is an awesome God!

TIME. Time continues. Time doesn’t stop. We keep going round and round the sun. If we live past 80 we will have seen 30,000 plus sunsets and sunrises. We age. Life changes. Seasons come and go. We only have so much time to live on this earth. God tells us to make the best of it to His glory. Make the best use of the time. Life is a beautiful thing if we live the right way. No matter how long we live.

What are you going to see when you see your next sunset? When the sun rises what is going to come to your mind? Think about God’s beauty, God’s power, God’s time. Stop and look at those sunsets and sunrises. God created them that way for a reason. Don’t ignore them. Enjoy them.


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