Ask God First

“Inquired of the LORD,” “Inquire of God.” Those are very important words found often in the history of Israel. To “inquire” is to ask. Asking for information. Waiting for an answer. Long story short, in Israel’s history this was crucial; it determined their success or their failure. Any time God’s people were wanting to do something or thought it would be good to do something the outcome was determined by whether or not they talked to God first and asked Him what they should do. When they tried to go to battle without inquiring of God things didn’t go so hot. When they inquired of God and followed His instructions they succeeded. Whatever the case may have been, they always needed to ask God first. They needed God’s permission. His guidance. His commandments. The idea that “it’s better to ask for forgiveness rather than for permission” did not work with God. Israel learned that lesson many times the hard way.

The same goes for us today, right? We have a life to live. Choices to make. A purpose. The only way that we will be able to do it God’s way, the right way is by asking Him what it is; how to do it. Every time we choose to go ahead and do what we want to do and whatever we think is right we get in big trouble. We have to go to God and find out what His will is. What is pleasing to Him. What does He call sin. What does He say is right and wrong.

We need to learn from the examples we have in the Bible. When men and women did whatever they wanted to do without asking God if it was okay or not they ended up sinning and messing things up. The same will be true for us if we don’t ask of God and listen to Him. Go to the Bible God has given us. Look up the answers. It’s right at your finger tips. Pray to God for guidance and wisdom to make the right choices when those choices have to be made. Before you do anything, stop. Ask God. Then act. Inquire of God. Ask God first.


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