Do Not Envy Sinners

Wouldn’t it make sense that those who live a righteous life would fair better than those who live in sin? If somebody is trying to live a good, honest, godly life then they certainly deserve a better life financially and emotionally. Right? And those who are living a worldly, ungodly life should not be blessed with such things because they don’t care about God or righteousness. It only makes sense! But the truth is, that’s not always the case. Reality often trumps what we think makes sense. The reality is that there are plenty of folks living in sin who are enjoying many riches and enjoyments of this physical life. And there are plenty of Christians who are struggling through life. It does seem unfair. Unfortunately, it’s just the way it is.

A danger to Christians in this scenario is that we can get to thinking that it is unfair. Then we get confused. Then we get upset. Next we become jealous. Then we begin to weaken in our faith and devotion. And alas we give up and give in to living a worldly life in search of a better lot in life or to just live life however we want because it doesn’t make any difference.

It isn’t easy seeing how the wicked prosper in this life. It isn’t easy for ourselves to be barely making it by. This scenario is real and is talked about in Psalm 37 and Psalm 73. Both talk of the envy that is felt by the godly over the wealth of sinners. How come they get wealth and pleasure and good health? How come I struggle and get sad and have health problems? But the answer found in both of these psalms is that this physical life is not what life is truly about. The writers point out that even though the wicked prosper in this life they will suffer eternal punishment in Hell after this life. Even though the righteous struggle in this life they will enjoy an eternal reward with God in Heaven! The psalms say NOT to be jealous of the wicked because their end is coming one day and it is going to be terrible. The message is to keep faithful to God looking to the joys ahead that He has blessed us with and has promised us! That gives us comfort, strength, and determination.

Do not envy sinners. I know it’s hard to watch so many in sin have such a good time in life. I know it’s hard to serve God so faithfully and yet have struggles in this life. But keep your eyes on Jesus. Keep your faith in God. Keep the joy of Heaven in your heart. Whenever you find yourself getting jealous, start counting your spiritual blessings. Remember how much God loves you. Remember what God has done for you. Take hope and joy in knowing that one day all of this will be over and there will be no more money. No taxes. No tears. No pain. No sorrow. No house payments. No bills. No food. So do not envy the wicked. Rather pity them. Have compassion on them. Love them. Show them that this life does not consist in the abundance of our possessions and pleasures. Stay near to God. Don’t let Satan lead you astray. Godliness with contentment is great gain. Let’s seek that great gain.


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