Astonished At The Bible

Think about things that amaze you. What are some things that wow you? If you were to be astonished by something, what would it be? There are things that really hit us. Strongly draw our attention and awe. Maybe it’s the workings of nature that wow you. Maybe it’s the birth of a baby. Maybe it’s an accomplishment you or someone you know has achieved. Maybe it’s your wedding day. It could be the athletic abilities of a player. Whatever it may be it can make our jaw job in amazement. It fills us with excitement and joy. We are greatly impressed.

What about…..the Bible?

Are you astonished at the Bible? Doesn’t it wow us? It is the very Word of our Creator after all, right? Does it hit us with amazement? Shouldn’t it? Do we get excited about getting to read it? To get together with others and study it? To share it with those around us? The Bible. The Word of God. Sent by God. Preserved by God. In our hands. Neatly bound together. Easily purchased. Available 24/7. Does it catch my heart? Or does it just catch dust? Notice what is said of the people after Jesus finished His sermon on the mount: “And when Jesus finished these sayings, the crowds were astonished at His teaching, for He was teaching them as one who had authority, and not as their scribes” (Matthew 7:28-29). The Bible is the authority of God. We see it. We hear it. We read it. So how do we react to it? What do we feel?

I confess. Guilty as charged. It is so easy sometimes for us to take the Bible for granted. We have it around all the time. We hear it at church all the time. We can become so used to it that it almost loses it’s awesomeness in our minds. But when you stop and think about it, it is the most precious and amazing thing in this entire universe. It’s the Word of God! God’s Word! God. Our Creator. The one who holds our breath in His hand. Our Lord. Our Savior. The words that God gave a whole lot of people to write down for us. God did it for us! Can you believe that?! We need to be astonished at His Word. It is the power of God for salvation! My life depends on it. My eternal soul depends on it. It is full of God’s power, love, and wrath. It has recorded so many peoples lives. It is eternal. It doesn’t change. It is the closest we can get to seeing and hearing God on this earth.

The Bible. God’s Word. How can we not be astonished at it? Don’t take it for granted. Think about it. Meditate on it. Let’s open our eyes to the inexpressible worth of it. Feel it. Listen to it. If we are in awe of God, then we should be in awe of His Word. If we love God, then we should love His Word. God is amazing. His Word is amazing. Don’t be bored with it. Be astonished at it! Trust me. If we understand and believe who God is, then it won’t be hard for us to get excited about His Word. Our God is an awesome God who has given us an awesome message.


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