The Hero Died For Me

Do you like to read books? Stories and novels about someone who became a hero. How about movies where a hero rises up to save the day? What about real life heroes? We like heroes. They inspire us. Build us up. When the day is won we rejoice with the people and thank the hero for what he did in standing up against the bad guy or facing great danger. But when the hero who saves the day dies it’s shocking. It is sad. Think of the emotions we’re filled with when we see the people who have been saved rejoicing and embracing but then see the hero lying there dead. The price he paid. In entertainment it’s emotional. In real life situations it’s even more emotional.

But our greatest and deepest emotions should be stirred when we consider the hero who saved us from sin and death. The One who defeated Satan. The One who brought us the hope and joy of salvation. The One who suffered and died for us so that we could be free and comforted. That hero is Jesus. Jesus came to save us. But in order to save us He had to die. He died so that we could live. Truly He is the greatest hero.

What do we feel when we see Jesus saving the day for us by being beaten, mocked, spat upon and humiliated? What about when we see Him being scourged? When we see Him saving us by being nailed to a cross and hanging there for six hours until His death, what are we feeling for our rescuer? Isaiah said that we are saved by the suffering of Jesus in Isaiah 53. John 3:16 tells us that Jesus came to this earth to save us. And He did. By dying for us. He paid the price so that we wouldn’t have to.

We enjoy salvation today. We are a saved people. We have hope. Joy. Peace. Eternal life. We rejoice in our salvation. But as we rejoice, let’s not forget to look at our hero who died for us. See Him on the cross. See Him defeating sin and death. Remember the price that was paid for our salvation.


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