The 10 Commandments: Honor Parents

In the 10 Commandments we find that the first 4 are about how we are to live and serve God. Beginning with the 5th commandment He begins to show how we are to love and serve each other. The fifth commandment has to do with the relationship of children to their parents. “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you” (Exodus‬ ‭20:12‬).

From a very early age parents begin to train their children to obey. They begin teaching them what is ok and what is not. The goal is that as they grow up they will honor and respect their parents. Their love and authority. God has always taken this relationship very seriously. In God’s commandments He has told us that children are to obey their parents. Under the Law of Moses, if children were of an accountable age in the eyes of God and they were rebellious, did not honor their parents, and would not obey them then they were to be stoned to death. That’s how serious God was about children honoring their parents. One of God’s promises to the nation of Israel was that if the children grew up and obeyed their parents then they would receive blessings from God and have a blessed life. But there would be punishment if they didn’t. Under the Law of Christ that we live by today it is also commanded that children obey, honor, and respect their parents. In fact, disobedience to parents is listed as a sin along with murder, stealing, homosexuality, etc.

Children are not only suppose to honor their parents in obedience but also are to care for them and provide for them when they become elderly. Parents give so much for their children as they grow up. It is more than understandable that children are to in turn serve their parents with the same kind of love. Children owe so much to their parents. At the same time parents do not expect much in return. They did it all out of love and sacrifice.

We need to do that for our parents. Respect. Honor. Love. Especially when we may have differences and find it hard to agree or move on. Be humble. Be kind. Be patient. Serve. Care for. Forgive. Mother. Father. Momma. Daddy. Do what God has commanded us to do. Tell your parents you love them. Tell them thank you. Thank God for them. Honor them.


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