The 10 Commandments: No Adultery

When God created Eve He brought her to Adam to be his companion. To have a special, intimate relationship. To become one. To share each others love and support. To enjoy the intimacy of sex. And to bring new life into the world. That was God’s creation in the beginning. That is how God has always wanted it. That’s how God wants it today.

But God knew the temptations that Satan would use to lead them to sin against God’s way. God knew the weakness of mankind to give in to temptation. So God held mankind accountable if they broke the relationship between a husband and wife by sexual immorality. Adultery. God deemed having a relationship and sex with someone other than one’s spouse a sin. The seriousness of this was shown from the beginning in Genesis when Abraham lied about Sarah being his wife. He said she was his sister. Other men took her, wanting her to be their wife. But before that happened God stopped it by bringing punishment and a curse on those men. We then move ahead to Mt. Sinai in Exodus 20 when God was giving His nation of Jews the commandments He wanted them to live by. In Exodus 20:14 He simply said, “You shall not commit adultery.” Period. End of story. Enough said. Don’t do it. God expects a man and woman to be bound to one another and committed for life. To love and share this life together. To enjoy the blessings that marriage brings with it. Those who broke this commandment were punished. Even killed.

God has given us the same command in the Law of Christ. We are not to commit adultery. We live in a lustful world. A sex driven society. Where everyone should get to do whatever makes them happy and feel good. And Satan is winning many battles in getting husbands or wives to commit adultery. To have sex with someone other than their spouse. Satan wants people to move on to someone else when they get tired of their current spouse. We have unscriptural divorces happening often. Homes being destroyed by unfaithful spouses. Churches being hit with sexual affairs. But God says this is sin. Adultery is sin. It will lead one to hell just like any other sin. It must not be done. Period.

Temptations abound in this world. For men and women alike. The marriage bed, God said, is to be undefiled. Marriage is to be honored. Adultery is wrong. We must stay faithful and committed in love to our spouse no matter what. Work on your own grass and stop looking for “greener” grass somewhere else. Run away from sexual temptations to sin. Be faithful to God. Be faithful to your spouse. Do not commit adultery.


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