The Hebrew writer concluded his letter with a list of instructions for the Christians to live by. Those instructions are for us today as well and it is important that we pay attention to them. Read it. Understand it. Do it. Let’s look at the first instruction:

Hebrews 13:1 simply says, “Let brotherly love continue.”

As Christians we are the children of God. God’s family. Brothers and sisters in Christ. We are to have that special kind of love and bond that a family has. We are to care for one another. Want to spend time with each other. Share in this life together. Good times and bad. As Christ’s church we are to be building ourselves up in love. Abounding in love. Serving in love. It is a special thing to have brothers and sisters. We are to treat each other as such.

So how are we doing in our spiritual families? Is there brotherly love? Is it continuing? Or has it stagnated or dissipated? If we are not filled with love for our brethren then we’ve got work to do on our hearts. Make it happen. Find a way. Do it on purpose.

God is love and if we want to be part of Him then we are going to have to love one another. If we do not love then we do not have the love of God. God loves us so much. He has adopted us as His children. The last thing He wants to see is His children fussin’ and fightin’ with one another. Parents want to see their children getting along and loving one another. That’s what God wants to see from us. Are you showing that love? Am I giving that kind of love? If not, do it. If so, do it more and more.

Let brotherly love continue.


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