Jesus Ain’t White or Black

Let’s cut to the chase. Racism is a sin of hate and violence that has plagued our world forever. Racism is stupid. Ignorant. Arrogant. Unloving. Ungodly. It is sad that some white folks want to think of Jesus as white and portray Him as a white skinned, blue eyed, bearded and handsome man and that He prefers white folk. And there are some black folks that want to think Jesus was African American and portray Him as a black man they can relate to and who prefers black folks. Both are dead wrong. Jesus wasn’t white or black. He was of Eastern descent. He lived in Palestine. Nazareth. Galilee. Jerusalem. He didn’t look or talk like any of us. But yet many of us want to claim that we are superior or matter more than others and that we have God on our side.

But here’s the truth. Here’s reality. God don’t see skin color. God don’t prefer any race over another. We got red, yellow, black, white, tan, dark, light, caramel, chocolate, pale, tall, short, big, little, country, city, male, female, extroverts, introverts, musical, sports, on and on and on and on. God loves every single one of us the same.

It is sad to think of what God our Creator has to look at every day. God looks down with loving, caring eyes to see His creation fussing and fighting with each other over very stupid things. He sees all the violence and murder. He hears every ugly and sinful word. He knows all the evil thoughts. I know that it breaks God’s heart to see all the evil being down in our society. My heart breaks too.

Why can’t we all just get along? We are all the same, even though we look different, talk different, or have different cultures. Why can’t we see the value of every life? Every eternal soul. Why can’t we be like little children and play and live in joyful harmony with each other? Why can’t we forgive? Why can’t we love?

This is where God has blessed His people in Christ. In Christ we are all one. There is no distinction. We are all saved by the grace of God regardless of what we look like or where we come from. We are one. We are His. We are brothers and sisters. We enjoy peace and harmony. We love. We forgive. We care. We serve. We live in the grace and mercy of God. We are helping each other get to Heaven.

But ya know what? Even in the church we have the problem of fussing and fighting and being ugly and sinful. I hear of so much fighting and bickering going on in the church that it is depressing. We are to be a sanctuary from all the hate and violence in the world. But yet so often we see it among our brethren. More often than not, all the fussing and fighting in the church is over stupid things. Selfish things. Prideful things. Arrogant things. We need to get over ourselves. We need to put on our big boy and big girl pants. We need to put on Christ and lives as He would have us live. Does Jesus look down at his church and see His followers at each other’s throats or distancing themselves from each other? Or does He see love, harmony, peace, and forgiveness?

As Christians it is easy for us to look at all the hate and violence going on out there in society. But we also need to take a good look inside the church and see if we’re any different. Let’s all live in love. Peace. Unity. Mercy. Grace. Hope. Love one another. Serve one another. Imitate God. Live for God. Jesus loves us whether we’re red, yellow, black, or white. And we have to love each other too. Please. Let’s do it.


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